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fundingWe work to make the world a better place, with focus on solving mobility challenges in a broad perspective, in ways that reduce traffic, incur economic growth and make a better world.

Our work is focused on working with schools, churches, sports clubs and other social and local communities.

We prioritize social inclusion, with focus on veterans and homeless.

Our activities and solutions are funded through Crowd Funding, business sponsor ships, donations and from work we do with and for universities, city councils, companies and others.

justin-nutmaketheworldabetterplace600x360Mission: Motivate people to make the world a better place

Our basic belief is, that people wish for a better world and we strive to find ways that can increase the reward to those, who engage and do much to make the world a better place.

Ideally we seek to make it possible for people to make a living from making the world a better place.

 We have particular focus on engaging young and helping challenged people to a better life.

mobilityOur fundamental idea: Improve mobility using smartphone technology

The privilege of being able to get into a car and drive where you want to go, whenever you want to go, has become a fundamental factor for wealth, well-being and freedom of movement in the western world.

Our fundamental idea is to enable the privilege of “just-in-time mobility” for all without the need to drive one’s own car. We believe ride-sharing and smartphone technology can enable people to get a ride “where ever they want to go, whenever they want to go”.

ride-sharingCoofle community ride-sharing Apps

Coofle is a ride-sharing App in two versions. One that exists called Coofle Driving Friends that simply help people to find driving friends, and one that is under development as a Crowd Funding project, called “The Intellligent Coofle”. Sometimes it is referred to as “a Safe Community Uber”.

Driver: Imagine you were at the sports center. A notification on your phone pops up, that your neighbor is requesting a ride from the sports center back home. You could just ignore, but this time it is fine, so you reply: “You can get a ride with me, I leave in 10 minutes”. Most people are generally happy to do their neighbor a favor, and even though they wouldn’t ask for payment, with Coofle, the driver automatically gets $1.60 debited to his or her Coofle account.

Passenger: Imagine you were the one who needed the 5 miles ride home from the sports center,  and were helped by the Coofle App to get a ride with your neighbor. Safe, easy and convenient and you would pay roughly $2 dollars, that would be deducted from your Coofle account.

crowdfundingPassenger Crowd funding and cash-back reward: If you own a Coofle VIP card the $0.40, would go into a personal VIP savings account, that would be paid out in cash every quarter. Over three years, the cash back reward would typically be between $300 and $900.

Beside the cash-back rewards, Coofle VIP Cards are Crowd Funding Cards that makes you an investor and micro share-holder in Coofle.

Coofle VIP Cards are sold at £38 and are available in a limited number and for a limited time.

Why Coofle Crowd Funding is attractive and good

Uber raised $11 million from capital investors in February 2011. Later on capital investors have invested more than $1 billion.

Uber has an obligation to earn as much money as possible to their shareholders. Uber will therefore make rides as expensive as possible and they will give as little of the ride fare to the drivers as possible. It is all about maximizing profits.

Coofle raise capital from crowd investors. That is normal people all over the country or world. You could be one, that choose to invest $38 to buy a Coofle VIP Card. It comes with a serialnumbered share, thus it also makes you a “micro share holder” in Coofle.

If Coofle makes it to success, you would have a valuable share and you could also get up to $900 or more as a Cash Back Reward. The risk is if Coofle fail. Then you could loose $38.

The people who invested in Uber in 2011 never knew if Uber would “make it or brake it”. They could have lost all the money they invested. If you buy a Coofle VIP card, you are also at risk of loosing the $38 investment in a Coofle share.

The big difference is that when you buy a single Coofle share, you get a Coofle VIP Card which also gives a “3 year Cash Back reward”. For a typical passenger, the cash back reward will typically be between $300 to $900.

“I have bought 100 Coofle VIP Card and would like to donate them to students in a local school.”

We $38 dollars, you should not invest in anything having a risk. If you can afford to

As you can see for Coofle, the $0.40 in difference between what the passenger pays, and what the driver gets, is what goes to the investors.. Just as it would be if you drove Uber. If Uber had never offered a Uber Crowd Funding card. They raised capital investors

If you were a passenger and had bought a Coofle VIP Card,


The Crew of The White Pearl has set sails in the search of the Sea of Truth.

On its way the White Pearl seeks to help people and the Crew is helped by people. Some people join or follow and help the Crew or others they meet who are in need of help.

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People who support with “Crowd Funding donations” or who buy Coofle VIP Cards shows trust and make us proud and strong to help ourselves and others.


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Meet the Crew of The White Pearl

Danish Church, PCT and US/Canada TourThe Crew of The White Pearl is at the Danish Constitution Day by the Danish Church in South California June 4th 2017. Those who are kids in age or inside can play the “Pieces of Eights” game and other family games. Maybe even win prizes. Everybody can enjoy “Danish Hygge” and picnic atmosphere.

In the Search of The Sea of Truth, The White Pearl sets sails to visit 25 cities across the US and Canada throughout June and July. We will post on Facebook, and update This Map.

Some of the Crew will sails another ship, following the Hikers at the PCT (the Pacific Crest Trail).

How to support the Crew


A supporting donation is certainly appreciated and it has no obligations. Your donation will be registered by name or as anonymous.

Crowd Funding Donations

The Crew encourage and help each others to start their own small business and what really makes us more proud than a donation, is if you choose to trust the Crew with a “Crowd Funding Donation”. This is dedicated to help Crew members start their own businesses.

We will need your name and e-mail. You will be told who you have helped, and later when a small business becomes reality, you will be offered products or services from his or her and other Crew members’ self-employed businesses.

Buy a Coofle VIP Crowd Funding Card

The Coofle VIP Card is Crowd Funding for “The Intelligent Community Ridesharing App”, but funds also finance the free “Coofle Driving Friends Web App” (register and login at mobile.coofle.com). The App is currently used by The Danish Church, The Crew of The White Pearl and other community non-profits.

To buy a Coofle VIP App, we need you name and e-mail address and payment for the Coofle VIP Card.

When payment is received, you will receive a “Coofle VIP ownership document” by e-mail, with the serialnumber(s) of the card(s) you have purchased. You can pay in Cash, or you can reserve a card, and pay later with different options.

A limited amount of Coofle VIP Cards have been granted to the “Crew of White Pearl” to sell at reduced “Setting Sail” prices:

Coofle VIP Card price list

1 Coofle VIP CardNormal Price$38.00($38.00 each)
White Pearl Setting sail campaign prices
1 Coofle VIP CardSetting sail price$10.00($10.00 each)
10 Coofle VIP CardsSetting sail price$25.00($2.50 each)
100 Coofle VIP CardsSetting sail price$150.00($1.50 each)
1,000 Coofle VIP Cards*Setting sail price$1,000.00($1.00 each)
* 1,000 are sold to companies for commercial use
10,000 Coofle VIP CardsSetting sail price$1,500.00($0.15 each)
** 10.000 are only sold to non-profit charity organizations and private people who can provide proof of helping challenged people in the US or Danish society. The cards can be used for subsequent fund raising. A special application is required, and needs approval.
Setting sail campaign prices applies to a limited number of Coofle VIP Card serialnumber. First orders have priority.


Who do you trust your donation or Crowdfunding money to?

The money is trusted to Olav Lange Hansen, founder of GreenDriveThinking. Olav is also founder of CO-VET, a non-profit organisation registered in Denmark, working to help veterans. The money are collected for the CO-VET organization, under the agreement, that all collected money goes back to Olav and the Crew of The White Pearl.

Olav is also founder and chairman for another nonprofit association helping bankruptcy families and other people who have lost their possessions. With no money to pay for juridical assistance and up against lawyers that seems injust, Olav provide help for them in their cases in Danish Courts.

Professionally Olav was running a self-employed business, Green Economy Initiatives A/S until his bank called this company bankrupt in 2015. GreenDriveThinking was not bankrupt until about a year after, but it’s assets were partly lost (some would say stolen by lawyers) and Olav and his family lost everything else they owned.

Challenged and frustrated over almost two years fighting lawyers in Danish courts and struggling to find common sense and help in the Danish welfare system and among politicians, he decided to do as many Danes had done before him. He decided to pursue the American Dream.

He landed on American soil on April 12th 2017, with no job and with little money.

After living a few weeks mainly out of a rental car, Olav found help through the Danish Church, other Danish Communities and from an American Veteran, Randy, that he met by accident. Olav suddenly had places to sleep and work and Randy, who owned an Auto body shop, allowed Olav to drive a car he had, with no real money payment. He gave much trust to Olav and accepted Coofle VIP Cards as payment, if court ruled that nobody could claim them. Otherwise Olav would not ow anything.

The car is the one that now goes under the name “The White Pearl”, because of it’s stunning “Pirates of The Carribean” paintbrush.

On May 2nd 2017, the Danish court ruled the GreenDriveThinking bankruptcy estate for closed. This ruling was the ruling Olav had been waiting for. The ruling concluded that nobody could claim earnings from Olav, on the Coofle VIP cards that had until then been owned by the GreenDriveThinking bankruptcy estate.

Helped and trusted by many, Olav now quickly got a fundament for a new life. He also got a small job for the University of Alborg in Denmark and supplemented by his family’s financial support, it gave him the opportunity to financially help a challenged american veteran he had met. Olav is a veteran himself and when Billy Ray stood to loose the most precious material thing he had in his life, Olav had the opportunity to help Billy Ray to secure his car. It was not only a mean of transportation, but it was also the home for Billy Ray and his fiance, Mary. They were greatly relieved.

Billy Ray and Mary showed great gratitude and wanted to return the help to Olav, and together they formed the idea of “The Crew of The White Pearl”. They could see how they could help both themselves and also help Olav, by helping others.

At this time, Olav had also given rides and shelter to hikers at the Pacific Trail. The Hikers had really liked the GreenDriveThinking and Coofle projects, and wanted to support it to become reality. They promised to help Olav to meet people in Seattle, Minneapolis and other places. A few also bought Coofle VIP cards. After this, Olav has also sold Coofle VIP cards to both private and business people in Denmark and the doubt Olav had in reaching a sustainable living from selling Coofle VIP Cards vanished.


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