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fundingWe work to make the world a better place, with focus on solving mobility challenges in a broad perspective, in ways that reduce traffic, incur economic growth and make a better world.

Our work is focused on working with schools, churches, sports clubs and other social and local communities in rural areas.

Our activities and solutions are funded through Crowd Funding, business sponsor ships, grants and donations.

We also provide consultancy services for universities, city councils, companies and others.

mobilityOur solutions: Engaged people and smartphone technology

The privilege of being able to get into a car and drive where you want to go, whenever you want to go, has become a fundamental factor for wealth, well-being and freedom of movement in the western world.

Our fundamental idea is to enable the privilege of “just-in-time mobility” for all without the need to drive one’s own car. Ride-sharing and smartphone technology can enable people to get a ride “wherever they want to go, whenever they want to go”. Effective ride-sharing require engaged local community people who will give lifts to people they know, and an intelligent ride-share apps to make it easy, safe and convenient.

ride-sharingThe Coofle Driving Friends Web App

Coofle Driving Friends help people to find driving friends for car-pooling.

It is helpful for High Schools, Colleges and Universities, as well as for workplaces. It help people to find driving friends they can commute with.

Register and log on at mobile.coofle.com



Selfi_SIM_featuredimageCommuter lift and Young Village lift Workshops and the Crowd Funded “Coofle SIRR”

Safe Intelligent Real-time Ride-sharing

Young people know smartphone and apps. A workshop at the school, supported by the Coofle Driving friend Web App, helps them find out who they can car-pool with to school, sports, work and leisure time activities.

The Coofle SIRR is a more advanced App than the Driving Friends. Although it is not a Taxi App, it has functionalities similar to Uber. It is developed and funded as a Crowd Funding project and will share data with the Coofle Driving Friends App.

Read more about Young Villagelift workshops and Commuter Lift workshops, where you can also get a preview glimpse of the Coofle SIRR App.

tourismkernrivervalleyVillage Tourism and Mobility

Mobility in rural areas is important for the wealth and welfare for people living there, but it is also important to attract tourists.

The Kern River Valley and Lake Isabella Holiday Services project aims to improve mobility for citizens in the area, as well as to attract and serve Hikers and tourists with ride-sharing as a mean to both get around and to get to know local people and learn from them about everything the area has to offer.


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