Who can you contact?

Below the map you can see phone numbers and email-addresses on GreenDriveThinking’s primary contact persons.

On the map you can also see ambassadors and others who are involved in GreenDriveThinking’s projects in Denmark and internationally. The ambassadors do not get paid, but they do support the Young Villagelift and Commuterlift projects. Are you interested in the projects in your area, there might be a GreenDriveThinking ambassador to answer local questions – or who can refer you to the person who is the best to contact. By pressing the icons, you can see names and if other contact information is available.

Do you want to be a Coofle VIP Freelancer

If you wish to work for GreenDriveThinking and Coofle, then maybe you can become a Coofle VIP Freelancer. As a Coofle VIP Freelancer you will be a “mini entrepreneur”. You take a small risk but you have a good chance for a good return on your investment. Your investment is not money – it is the spare time you choose to invest in working for GreenDriveThinking and Coofle. You can read more here. Contact Olav Lange Hansen for further information.

You can always contact:

Olav Lange Hansen
Founder and daily leader
+1 714 369 0340