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Kontineo – a slice of the founders history

KontineoCRoutePicKontineo – a slice of my history

Many people I have met recently in the US, Canada and in Mexico have asked about my history. I recently found an old Kontineo brochure, and got all nostalgic. Also somewhat sad. But it is an important part of my and GreenDriveThinking’s history.

For nearly 20 years I was entrepreneur. I had the pleasure of establishing and running different businesses. Kontineo A/S was one of those.

Unfortunately trusted partners did have other intentions than being partners. In marts 2015, false allegations were raised against my person for the intent of doing illegal business.

I was acquitted, but the allegations caused fatal results and Kontineo entered into bankruptcy in August 2015.

Following the bankruptcy, the partner who raised the false allegations, bought the assets and the software.

C-Route (See brochure)

The C-Route software was the star-ship in our business software portfolio. We released the first version in 2010 and were pioneers in map-integrated and intelligent visit planning software. In 2014 we were one of three nominated for a Danish IT Innovation Award.

I also found this brochure on the web.

Kontineo 2006 Business Intelligence

Kontineo2006Our Business intelligence platform went under the name Kontineo 2006. At that time, it was also amongst the more innovative automation solutions in the market.

I also found the Kontineo Price Catalogue 2012, and now being in Mexico, I wouldn’t have had to sell much to maintain a good number of staff.


Our software was used in back-office meeting booking and calendar and route planning for insurance companies and different types of companies, who had a people in the field, either sales reps or service reps.

I found these three customer cases still online.

Micro Technic (C-Route)

Fastems (C-Route)

Vilh. Nellemann (C-Insight and C-Route)

If you have come directly to this page, and want to know more about my current primary business, please see the GreenDriveThinking front page.

For questions related to the Kontineo business and possible interest in business cooperation, software development or consultancy services in my areas of competence, please contact me at olav.lange.hansen(at) or phone +1 239 719 1405