Letter to church communities in North America

To whom this may concern

My daughter Madeleine aged 15 and I are traveling on a study- and adventure trip to North America this fall. The journey starts on September 28th in New York, and ends at the Danish church in Yorba Linda South California on January 18th 2017. We look to learn about community organizing in North American churches, schools and sports clubs.

We hope you’ll respond positively to this request and for an invite to meet members in your community.

We would love to meet the pastor of the church, but also to meet young people and their parents to learn from you about your community, but also to get your evaluation of our Young Village project and hear if you think it could potentially make a positive difference in your local community and area.

An objective of our journey is to learn about “local community organizing” in the USA and Canada. We wish to learn how your local community is organized and what kind of social and other civic tasks your local community perform. We also look to clarify if the Young Village project, including the digital tools, could strengthen the organizing and work in local communities across North America and Canada.

Our purpose is to return to Denmark with valuable knowledge from North America to the Danish churches, municipalities and private actors involved in solving civic challenges in Danish rural areas. The state supported Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is currently adressing these challenges in a project named “Kirken på landet” (“The Church in the countryside”) that involves both the church, the municipality and other private actors. See the project’s Danish website here.

Lolland municipality covers an area where the problem is very real and grave. The municipality is searching to find solutions that can help the local area communities to organize and effectively address the local mobility-, welfare- and wellbeing problems and also how the municipality and other actors can support this local work.

Deputy Mayor Henrik Hoegh from Lolland Municipality is initiator of a workshop that is to be held mid November 2016. He will invite representatives from the Church of Denmark, Danish Peoples Aid and other actors. We return home to Denmark to attend this workshop, to contribute with the knowledge and experience from our work in other areas in Denmark, but also to share the knowledge we have gained from the first part of our North America journey.

We are a private actor our self. We are a private family, that for many years have worked to develop programs and tools to help solve mobility and other community problems in rural areas.

Our primary solution goes under the name “Young Villagelift”. It is a community engagement project concept that is supported by an App for smartphone or PC. It represents a common platform for carpooling, shared economy and social relief efforts. Our research will also include clarification whether this solution is well apt for North America Church communities and other local constituted communities.

Another important purpose of our journey is to seek financing for our activities and our development. We are looking for crowd funding for the development of an ambitious community based ride-sharing App for rural areas.

At the same time we are looking for freelance workers who want to participate in the projects, and who want to be a part of a “Crowd Entrepreneur” team working to create an economical sustainable company who work for a social responsible and sustainable development in the local and the global society.

Finally we also hope we can act as good ambassadors for Denmark. We believe Denmark have good things that North America can also learn from, especially about social responsibility and the care for our shared global environment.

We also seek to motivate the young generation in North America to actively influence a social responsible and sustainable society development. We are motivating young people to let their attitudes and opinions be heard in the political debates, and we will specificly encourage young people to register and let their vote count during the presidential election November this year.

Sincere regards,
selskabet Familien bag GreenDriveThinking ApS

olavOlav Lange Hansen, founder, aged 47 years

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maddie201606Madeleine Kirstine Hansen, Youth ambassador, aged 15 years

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You can also contact other GreenDriveThinking Ambassadors and Freelancers in several places and countries, and maybe there is already a GreenDriveThinking ambassador in your area.
We would be most happy to hear from you or others who would like to become a GreenDriveThinking ambassador or Coofle Freelance “Crowd Entrepreneur”.

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skolen_i_midten_vaf_picSeptember 14th 96 students attended a “Mini Ung Landsbylift workshop at Skolen i Midten in Hedensted municipality.

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deleby_billedeYoung Villagelift is not only about ride-sharing. It is also about community and sharing-economy. “Projekt Deleby” (“Project sharingcity”) is a knowledge and communication project that will make Denmark wiser about how we create better towns (and villages) with sharing economy in focus. Young Villagelift is partipating in the project. Read more here. (Danish)







JV20160523billundraadhusThe Young Villagelift project concept has been presented for many organizations and people in Denmark. The minutes from Ung village lift event at Billund City Hall May 12th, 2016 is good reading for those who want to have a good understanding. Read more here. (Danish)







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