Mini Young Commuterlift


Parents Driving to school creates problems

Dangerous situations, parking problems and traffic jams are some of the consequences, of more and more parents from the rural areas driving their children and young people to school. The problem is increased by the rising amount of young people driving their own car to school.

In particular, the problem concerns 9th to 12th grade, schools and educational institutions placed centrally in the cities, where the students comes from a large surrounding area. The tendency also increases the problem with rush hour traffic.


The solution is practical- and safe driving-friends

Lise Ung Coofle KOLDING REALYoung people, parents and school leaders agree that the problem can be reduced or solved with ridesharing, where the parents and young people create practical and safe driving-friends. Parents who live close to each other could take turns to drive each other’s kids and young people, and thereby lessen the traffic significant.

And the interest is there. For young people, driving-friends could mean less dependence on parents driving to school, but parents and young people also means that driving-friends in general could give the young people better opportunities to participate in leisure time activities, which in most cases are in cities. Parents to the young people in rural areas admit that parents’ driving to school and leisure time is both an economic burden and moreover, it also takes substantial time and makes it hard to find surplus family time in everyday life.

The Mini Young Commuter project

The Mini Young Commuters Lift project is about safe driving-friends, designed for 9th – 12th grade classes in central schools and in educational institutions.

Young people in meeting exchanging ideas

Young people in meeting exchanging ideas

The project starts with a workshop, where the purpose is to create understanding about how students, their parent, teachers and the school together can get the support and participation that is necessary to solve the problem.
In the workshop we will present activities and tools designed to create understanding and commitment, as well as the Coolfe Driving Friends App, that is designed to create practical driving-friendships. Practical driving-friendships will be created across the classes, community and the student’s home address.

In the workshops there will typically be 2-4 schools students, their parents, a teacher and a school leader.

From GreenDriveThinking there will be two persons. An adult Young Villagelift Consultant, who is the facilitator of the workshop, and also a Young Villagelift Youth ambassador (14-19 years), who will participate in group work with the young people about designing their own Young Commuters Lift project for the school.

The conclusion of the workshop should be that the school wants to start the project, and what they wish to do next. If a Young commuterlift project is launched at the school, the young people can draw on experience, good advice and material from GreenDriveThinking and from similar projects on other schools.
See the program for the Mini Young Commuterlift here LINK

Apps and tools

With the workshop comes the right for the students, their parents, and employees to use software materials and material for free.

Coofle VIP app (The Calculator)

The Calculator can be used by the teacher in the lessons to establish understanding about cost of parents driving on household economy, family time – and also about CO2  emissions.

The results from the students entry of weekly lifts, distance and other factors, is converted into economic currency, and bring attention to the problem of the parents’ drivings for the single household, for the class and for the school.
The calculator can be seen here

Download data for the class or the entire school

The young people and their parents enters their data into the Coofle VIP app, and their results can be used in the class.This gives data to math, geography and natural science lessons. The young people can relate to their own data and they can compare to other classes, neighbouring schools and internationally. The data can also be used for traffic and environmental research.


Coofle Driving Friends

The Coofle Driving Friends app shows the young people where their classmates and other students lives. Parents and other adults with cars registers into the class groups as ´safe followers´. This part of the workshop is about getting other young people AND their parents to log on to the Coofle Driving Friends App, set up a profile and safe groups that they are going to be members or followers off. The immediate benefit is that both kids, young people and their parents can find safe driving-friends. Moreover the young people and their parents will get a class and driving-friends phone and contact list, without having to maintain it themselves. Both young people and parents can also find out who lives in their community or where people commute to work and other things, and if they have a part- or full-time jobs.


Click here to see video

What do you pay for

The workshop contains the Coofle VIP app (The calculator), Coofle Driving Friends App, a GreenDriveThinking consultant and a Youth Ambassador, who have the better understanding of young people’s social thinking and familiarity with mobile phones.

Read the program here

After the workshop is complete, both adults and young people has access to support and discussion about their local project via a hotline for a period of time.

The local community must find participants to the workshop themselves. It´s suggested to be:

  • 2-4 students who lives in rural areas, and who have transportation problems themselves
  • Parents who admit that parents driving with the young people is challenging
  • A teacher, preferably one who lives in a rural area and who has children in the 14-17 years age group.
  • If possible the school leader
  • If possible representatives from the public authorities

Price and financing

The price for the workshop all inclusive: 18.500kr,-, though exclusive of VAT and costs for transportation and accommodation.

There are different funding opportunities. The purchaser can be different  entities (A local business, the municipality, schools and so on) The school is the preferred buyer, but the purchase can be full or partly financed by private sponsors, private and/or municipal/public subsidy opportunities. Contact us for further information about this. We can also be helpful about searching for funding, where especially local businesses can achieve a good marketing exposure value both local, national and international.

The next step after a Commuterlift workshop is activities at the school where it took place, but following the commuter lift, the local communities who commute, often want to start Mini Young Villagelift projects in their local communities, as that is where it is possible for the local community over a year, to reach a goal of 34% participation of adults with cars. This creates the foundation for ´the intelligent Coofle App´ to be released in the local community at the expected release in January 2018. It should also be mentioned that initiatives about cycling, and so on, will be a natural element in both Community- and Villagelift projects.  

See a screenshot of the ´The intelligent Coofle App´