Program Mini Young Commuterlift


Young people in meeting exchanging ideasThe purpose of the workshop  is to engage young  people and their parents in local carpooling. The project is about overview, understanding and especially safety and knowledge about what Mini Young Commuterlift can offer the local community and their young people.

The program is set up the following way:

Participants from the school and maybe from the municipality (recommended)




  • 2-4 young people between 15-21 that is living in rural areas and has a transportation problem
  • Parents , that recognize that parents driving with young people is a challenge
  • A representative from the local community that consider missing transportation opportunities a limitation for local development
  • A school principal or representative from the local school
  • Possibly one or more representative s from the municipality

Participants from GreenDriveThinking

  • A Young Villagelift consultant
  • A Young Villagelift youth ambassador (15-18 years)

The workshop is set to 4 hours

The first 1¬Ĺ hours:

  1. Review of the Calculator, to calculate the price for parents driving at the individual parent
  2. Presentation of the intelligent Coofle solution, and discuss “Can you see this as a solution that could have a significant meaning for you and for your local school ?

Based on this, the talk moves towards ‚ÄĚHow do we get 34% of the local adults to participate and sign up?

It is here the School project comes into the picture,¬† The school is encouraged to work with ‚ÄĚTraffic & Environment‚ÄĚ during the European Mobility Week. Tools and materials are provided.

Half hour break

1 hour: Group work (The young people)

The young people leave the workshop together with the young ambassador. They will leave with the propose  of  creating a list of suggestions on how they together with their school can engage most young people and through them their parents.  The young ambassador will come with some good ideas, and together they will make their own list on how they can do this in their local community.

1 hour: Group work (The adults)

Same procedure as the young people. The adults will talk about how they can support the project. We will concentrate on to areas

  1. Make it attractive for the young people to participate. (Competition, sponsor prices and so on)
  2. The adults engagement

Half an hour: Conclusion

The young people present their ideas and so does the adults.

Then there is open for discussion; Is this something we want to do?



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