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GreenDriveThinking starts a project together with Kolding municipality and sports club ØSVN-IF

osvnif logoOur driving affects not only the environment but each one of us as individuals. We have our own daily rhythm and a calendar of chores – work, shopping, various other tasks, children’s activities and much more. We usually use our own cars to get around and do these tasks. The fact is that we spend more and more time in our cars not driving – often we just sit in traffic jams, get stressed and frustrated by the traffic and end up losing out personal time for yourself and your family.

..what if there is a way to be driving less?

..what if there was an easy and safe way to drive together with others?

..could you then have a better and higher quality of life?

We all have driven our children to some activity or arrangement – in fact it often happens several times a day. And they also have to be picked up again or you will have to wait around for them.

Driving children to leisure activities might be challenging because the child’s schedule must fit yours. An alternative for this problem is public transportation in urban areas but the accessibility to a fitting bus or train route or the unreliability of the schedule is a problem that people in rural areas have to deal with often. Additionally, what if the child is too young to travel alone?

..There is another option – other parents are also driving their child to the same activity and as often as not living in close proximity to you or the activity location!

This option, however, requires that you both are familiar with the residence of the other parents and know the activity schedule of each others’ children.

If you had this knowledge you could, perhaps, share the task. One parent drives Tuesdays and every second Thursday. This helps you drive less and you will have more time for all the 100 other things you have to do every day .. or you could enjoy the book you’ve always wanted to read!

ØSVN-IF, a local sports club in Kolding municipality in Denmark is taking action and together with GreenDriveThinking and the municipality of Kolding launched an innovative project to reduce driving.

The aim of the project is to provide ØSVN-IF with a handy member management tool to effectively  communicate this information in an easy and clear way, and to encourage everyone to look for ride sharing opportunities giving us and our partners valuable experience through practical use. Carpooling is not a solution for everyone and we are interested in the barriers that are hindering this activity. We understand that the impact on traffic in Kolding municipality from one sports club will me marginal, but we think that the sports club itself will see many positive results from more space in parking lot to increased community feeling of the members.

We are happy that ØSVN-IF is taking action and working towards not only improving the environment but also broadening local integration and increasing awareness of the local community.

.. participants can reduce stress AND save time and money – can you say “No, Thanks!” to such offer?